Local SEO

Twenty or thirty years ago, there was one main way customers found the businesses they needed – the Yellow Pages. Today though, thick phone books have become a thing of the past and in their place, online searches have stepped in. When they do, businesses can make it easier for customers to find them by using local SEO (search engine optimization).

Local SEO is a way to get local customers to your business simply by using a few strategic, and local, keywords. And just as those phone books of the past helped customers to find you, so too will simply including your business’ location in anything you do online.

When a customer is searching for a product, service, or business, they do so using online search engines. And when they do, they most often include a location in their search. So when you create a website, blog, or even a profile in an online directory using your location as a strategic keyword, your page will match up with the words the customer used in their search. They’ll be shown your page or profile, and the customer will click on the link.

Once they do, they’ll learn more about your business and more importantly, that you have the products or services they need. Their search is done because they have found what they’re looking for. And you? You have more customers simply because you’ve included your location in your online presence. It’s really as easy as that.

Local SEO should be something every single business utilizes, for many reasons. But the number one reason to use it is simply because it makes customers easier to find you and therefore, brings more customers into your business. And all you have to do is include your location in anything you do online!