Google My Business

Increases Visibility For Your Business Everywhere

Increase Your Business Visibility

As a business owner, you take many steps to get your business noticed. Whether it’s by placing signage on the street, or running ads in the local paper, you likely want people to see and hear about your business because that’s the only way customers are going to learn about you and what you have to offer. And now the online directory, Google My Business, will do much of the work for you and get your business noticed. And not just online; Google My Business will increase visibility for your business everywhere.

Google My Business makes you more visible to customers even when they are on the street, right in the same neighborhood as your business. It’s able to do this because when customers are out searching for that product they need, they often use their phones, and Google, to do it. And after entering the product, service, or company they’re looking for into the search engine, Google will provide a listing of three businesses nearby that offer that same exact thing. Customers see the listing, get directions to the location, and head on over to make their purchase.

Google My Business also increases the visibility of a business online, which is something every business can benefit from. In the same way that Google uses algorithms and ranking factors to determine which websites will be placed higher than others in the search engine results page, they use those same algorithms and ranking factors to determine which businesses will get those coveted top three spots in the Google My Business listings.

When businesses can use those algorithms by customizing and optimizing their listing in Google My Business, they will gain more exposure and more visibility online by landing in those top three spots. And just like Google will increase exposure to those in the neighborhood, it will also increase exposure to those online, particularly if they’re close to the business’ location.

Creating a listing for your business in Google My Business comes with many benefits. But one of the biggest ones is that it will make your business more visible to customers whether they’re right outside your door or across town.